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Have you ever wondered how the surfers know when the tide is changing? Are they all mathematicians? Or can they all tell the future. The answer is no. Surfers these days have lucked out with a fancy piece of technology we refer to as a tide watch or a surf watch. You may have noticed surfers in the water with a watch on. Well I guarantee you that watch isn’t just an ordinary water proof watch. Inventors have created tide watches for fishermen, surfers and more but in this blog I would like to focus on tide watches for surfers. The technology, the benefits, and the brands you want to check out.  I think you’ll agree that having the convenience of tidal data and surf conditions on your wrist is really helpful. Especially if you are just starting out surfing and want to learn about the tides or, if you travel to a lot of different breaks.

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While surf watches do tell time, they are largely structured to measure the movement of water instead of minutes. Most essentially, surf watches show the times for high and low tide for a specific beach, as well as the measurement of those tides. This is significant because each break has an ideal tide for the best surfing conditions. These watches can help surfers know when the waves will be best, saving them from wasted trips to beaches with sub-par surf conditions.

Some surf watches have a tidal graph on the face of the watch to illustrate how quickly the tide may be rising or falling throughout the day. All you need to do is input the beach name or GPS location for the wave for which you are seeking tidal information, and the watch will display the times and heights of the tides for that day. The only thing you have to know is which tidal height is best for the wave you want to surf.

Some of our favorite tide watches are listed below.


Search GPS: Rip Curl’s jewel of the crown. This watch allows you track your surf, register your top speed and distance and rack up your wave count in each session. You can even share location maps, image and graphic charts with your friends with the mobile app.

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Raglan Tide: This watch offers a solid construction, at a very light weight. It features tidal height and direction, moon phase, date, and seconds. The custom screw down crown ensures 100M water resistance.

Rifles Tide Watch: This one comes with 500 pre-programmed tidal locations in graph or detailed display. It is light, easy to use, and it was tested to 100M water-resistance.


The Mission: This Nikon is a smart watch equipped with a preloaded app that streamlines real-time surf and snow alerts to your wrist.

The Unit Tide: This watch, also by Nixon, is a good-looking surf watch with tidal information for 270 beaches until 2023, and features graphical and numerical representations of current tide and future/past calculations for up to 48 hours.

The Supertide: With the rhythm of the tide displayed in high-resolution detail, the supertide syncs you up with the motion of the ocean so you know exactly when to go. Featuring programmed tide charts, as well as sunrise/sunset data for over 230 beaches.
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ED01 – T NATO: This watch is made by Electric and is a simple surf watch with tide prediction, moon phase, calendar, alarm, countdown/heat time, chronograph with 30 lap recall, and light functions.

Mariner: This one is presented by Freestyle. It includes sunrise and sunset times to compliment its 150 beaches of pre-programmed tidal data. The brand calls it “the perfect surf watch”.

Shark Classic: This last recommendation offers a simple tidal graph for only $47.

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