Surf Wax 101

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 1.29.33 PM

Surf Board Wax When you make the transition from your foam board to a fiberglass or epoxy board, one thing […]

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Baja California Surf Trip

baja california surf trip

Experience a Baja California Surf Trip like no other! Come to Baja California surf trip with us! With our surf vacation, we will […]

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Beginner Surfboard Guide

beginner surfboard surf baja mexico

Buying a beginner surfboard will allow you to save money on renting boards and help you to progress your surfing […]

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Surfing Myths Debunked!

surf myths debunked

Are you thinking about learning how to surf but there are so many opposing views and opinions that you just […]

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Baja Mexico Surf Spots

baja mexico surf

Northern Baja Mexico is well known for producing some of the best waves. Making it an ideal location for your […]

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