Surfboard Companies – The Best of The Best

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There are hundreds of surfboard companies in the world today! So how does one go about choosing one to buy a board from? Our answer, it’s not easy. But hopefully after reading this blog with our recommendations on the best surfboard companies and brands you will have narrowed down your list to at least 3. First let’s take a look at a list of some of the largest surfboard companies in the world on the left side of the page:


AJW Surfboards
Album Surfboards
Bear Surfboards
BIC Sport Surfboards
Byrne Surf
Cannibal Surfboards
Canvas Surfboards
Channel Islands
Chilli Surfboards
Dan Taylor Surfboards
Dewey Weber
DHD Surfboards
DMZ Surfboards
Emery Surfboards
Firewire Surfboards
Gordon & Smith
Infinity Surfboard Co.
JS Industries
Lightning Bolt
…Lost Surfboards
McTavish Surfboards
Misfit Shapes
Panda Surfboards
Polen Surfboards
Proctor Surfboards
Pukas Surf
Robert August
Roberts Surfboards
Rusty Surfboards
Sharp Eye
Simon Anderson
Stamps Surfboards
Stewart Surfboards
Studer Surfboards
Surf Prescriptions
T. Patterson Surfboards
Town & Country Surf
Viking Surfboards
Vulcan Surfboards
Warner Surfboards
Wave Riding Vehicles


Alright now don’t be overwhelmed. It is a long list but I am going to pick out my top five for you and explain why they are the top five.

Al Merrick/ Channel Islands

Channel Islands is my number one surfboard company for a few reasons. Channel Islands is constantly creating new boards with different features to stay on to of the competition. They sponsor many of the professional surfers and have been around 1969. What makes this company unique is the heavy influence of the team riders on the design of these boards. They specialize in mainly high performance shortboards and put out a variety of designs including a few small-wave shortboards and longboards.

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Sharp Eye Surfboard

Established in 1992, SHARP EYE surfboards is filling a gap in the market with an unprecedented commitment to consistency, quality and customer service.This is one of the main reasons I feel Sharp Eye Surfboards are at the top of the list for surfboard companies to buy from. Another reason is their undeniable swag. Their models have a sleek design and subtle flare.

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Firewire Surfboards

If you’re a tech nerd interested in high-tech surfboards, then Firewire Surfboards is going to be the way to go., Their boards are created with advanced technology to make them some of the most durable surfboards in the water. With the combination of EPS/Epoxy materials, Firewire surfboards are meant to last which increases the fun for everyone. They take number three on my list.

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JS Industries

JS Industries is one of the most respected names in the surfboard world. Jason Stevenson built the company from the ground up and has truly breached the underdog cloud surrounding him with great force. His boards have been credited by many professional surfers worldwide. If you want to ride a sleek high performance board while supporting someone who deserves it then go with JS Industries.

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Lost Surfboards

Want to have some fun, sass and style while riding? …Lost surfboards are for you. Matt Biolos began creating surfboards at Surfglass and Herbie Fletcher Surf Shop fresh out of high school in 1987. He made his first surfboard at this time and called it a Ratz Ass – as in “I don’t give a Ratz…” Realizing the need for a more serious name, he labeled his second surfboard “mayhem”. From then on Lost surfboards have received worldwide recognition for their silly names and fun designs while maintaining a solid ride.


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Well I hope my list of the 5 best surfboard companies (in my opinion) helps you to decide where you buy your next board!

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