Surf Vocabulary

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Surf Vocabulary

Aggro -Aggressive or bad attitude.

Backdoor – When you enter a barrel from behind the peak of the wave. 

Barrel – A hollow wave sometimes called a tube.

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Beach Break- When the waves break over a sand bar.

Blown Out – Onshore winds turn the surf to mush.

Bail Out – Ditching your surfboard before getting wiped out.

Cutback – Powerful change of direction towards the breaking part of the wave.

Charging – Aggressively riding waves.

Cranking – When the waves a good.

Duck Dive – Diving underneath an oncoming wave when paddling out.

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Dawn Patrol – Surfing before sunrise.

Drop In- Catching a wave when you don’t have priority. Big no-no in regards to surfing etiquette.

Gnarly- Dangerous surf conditions. 

Grom – Young surfers.

Hollow Wave – A wave that tubes, ex. a-frames and barrels.

Hammered – Heavy wipe-out.

Hang Ten – Specific to riding longboards, hanging ten is when you have both feet at the nose of the board. 

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Left – Wave that breaks to the left of the vantage of the surfer riding the wave.

Lip – Where most of the power of a wave is located to get barreled under. It is the top of the wave that begins to break and pitches out.

Kook – Someone that is not very good at surfing, usually a beginner. Someone that surfs to get attention or look cool. also can refer to someone who doesn’t follow proper surfing etiquette.

Men In Grey Suits – Sharks.

Mush – Non-powerful waves, mostly onshore and low quality.

Peeling – This is when a wave breaks perfectly from one end to the other.

Pocket – The center of energy on a wave. This is just in front of or under the breaking lip.

Right – Wave that breaks toward the right from the vantage of the surfer riding the wave.

Section – A part of the wave that breaks prematurely ahead of the original curl of the wave.

Stick – Term for a surfboard.

Trough – The lowest part of the wave as it begins to break.

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