Before planning your trip to Baja Mexico, it’s good to check the surf report and know the best times of the year for surfing in Baja. The surf season is the best in Baja Mexico from early May through October when the south swells come in from the South Pacific ocean. There are many surf breaks in Northern Baja, but one of the best surf spots is right in front of the surf camp. The surf spot is a first class right point break with an easy drop and long workable open face .This point break works best on south or west-northwest swell. There are many uncrowded reef breaks and beach breaks nearby that are easily accessible for you to surf.

Baja Malibu

Baja Malibu is an often hollow beach break the breaks best on a NorthWest, West, SouthWest, South swell direction. This spot is known to be fast and hollow with spitting barrels. If your dream is to get barrelled, then surfing BMs is your chance to experience that. This spot gets relatively heavy when the swell is big. When the swell is smaller, surfers of all levels can have fun here. But when the swell picks up, it’s recommended that only advanced to only expert surfers venture out into the lineup. This wave is similar to the wave at Blacks beach. The wave comes in with a beautiful peak and then pitches out into a nice barrel forming wave.


This wave is named after the woman Teresa who owns the taco shop on the main road. Now her granddaughter runs the taco shop, but you can sometimes catch Teresa hanging around. Robert’s surf hotel is located in front of the break, and he likes to call it “Robert’s.”

Whatever you call it, it’s a nice right-hand reef bottom point break peels long enough to get more than four turns in. There are a couple rocks/boils where the main peak is and then the wave peels all the way in front of the parking lot next to Robert’s hotel. Taking off at the boil can be intimidating for intermediate surfers, so it’s best that advanced to expert surfers paddle out to the main peak. The boil isn’t that steep, but it jacks up and creates a nice drop. It’s the best take-off spot, so if you’re not feeling it right away, try to work up to it. The wave is steeper at the main bowl take-off spot and then softens as the wave rolls into the bay. This wave needs a bigger swell for it to be really fun.


This spot has a private community located in front of it and is the main break to surf if you decide to stay here. Since there is no public access, other surfers have to paddle around the point from the parking lot next to Robert’s. The wave is one of the longest right-hand point breaks in Northern Baja. The take off spot is in front of a large rock and can be a little sketchy, but there is plenty of room even if you don’t make the drop. The wave is pretty soft on a high tide but stands up nicely on a lower tide. This wave is a slow easy wave to surf. It can get crowded on the weekends and the locals like surfing here. Remember to respect them, and you’ll be okay.


Gaviotas is another right-hand point break. This spot has a couple peaks, not just one main one. It tends to shift over to the right depending on the swell. This allows the crowd to sort of spread out increasing your chances of getting a good wave. You don’t have to sit on the main peak to catch waves; there are plenty of smaller waves to pick off on the inside. For the most part, this wave is also soft with a steeper inside section for floaters and hitting the lip.

La Fonda

Also known as K58, La Fonda is a peaky beak-break that spans down around a mile of coastline. This spot rests under a large cliff where people have been camping for decades. The break isn’t as heavy as Baja Malibu but definitely packs a punch. The sand bar is pretty far out allowing for some nice long rolling white-wash for beginners. For more advanced surfers, this is a fast, punchy wave that creates a decent wall for slashing, floating and hitting the lip. Every once in awhile you might be able to sneak into a barrel or two. Getting down to the break is easy. Look for the ramp that’s built into the cliff and take that down to the beach.

San Miguel

San Miguel is an excellent long right-hand point break that has one of the most fun rippable walls in Baja. The take off isn’t super steep, but it’s very fast. This wave offers a open, friendly face allowing you to come straight off the bottom and attack the lip. There is a killer inside bowl that barrels on a lower tide. Be careful though because there is a rock on the inside near the barrel section. There are a lot of rocks to walk over so bring your booties.